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Whenever I read Redszone I see many different people saying we need to re-sign Choo (who's starting price is $100 MM). I see how we need to make all these trades to get these big name guys AKA Stanton, Aramis Ramirez, Jose Bautista etc., but what if it isn't the big name guys the Reds need? What if it is the little pieces to plug in to complete this team? Look at our top guys..Votto, Bruce, Latos, Chapman, healthy Cueto, Bailey, and Phillips..I would be willing to bet that 50% of major league teams would kill to have that set of core players. All these guys need is a good supporting cast..look at what the Red Sox did this past offseason. The years before they added guys like Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, John Lackey, and Adrian Beltre, but last season they added complementary players to their core (Ellsbury, Pedroia, Ortiz, Lester, and Buchholtz) such as Victorino, Napoli, Gomes, Drew, Uehara, and Dempster and none of these players are the "sexy" names of baseball that the Red Sox normally get and it caused Ben Cherrington and the rest of the Red Sox organization to come under a little fire and many analysts thought they would end up in the cellar again....but look at them now...best record in baseball and heavy favorites to make it to the World Series. So I say all this to say maybe the Reds don't need these superstar players to complete their team and get them over the hump don't get me wrong, I would love to bring back Choo(!) he became one of my favorite players this season but..maybe they need guys like Carlos Ruiz, Mike Morse, Juan Pierre, Chris Young, or Nate McLouth. I'm not sure which of these would help the Reds and which one of these are really even worth their time, but its just a thought...
Although you don't consider them big or "sexy" names, here are the rankings (according to Yahoo) of the guys you named amongst free agents last offseason: 6, 17, 19, 21, 38, 49

The point I'm trying to make is that the Red Sox weren't exactly shopping at the dollar store during free agency.