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Generally, when a player -- particularly a heavily-used catcher -- reaches a certain point, IMO it's not a good bet that they will become healthy and re-gain productivity after injuries strike.

But obviously it's for the Reds professionals to make that judgment in the case of Hanigan. His hitting has been in decline, but injuries did impact 2013.

I just hope the Reds don't bank the 2014 team on batting turnarounds from Phillips, Frazier, Cozart, Mesoraco, Hanigan, Heisey, and Hannahan. I think the chances of all that happening are fairly low.
There was no decline before 2013. His numbers were steady - good OBP no power at all. Healthy and with a bit better luck (atrocius BABIP with LD% and else being about the same) I'd expect a return to form - not that that is any great shakes. As a true backup used 1/3 of the time or less I'd be on board. However - if the Reds want to lay out the dough to sign Salty I'd be all for that - he and Mes platooned should be pretty productive. And Hanigan's defense is respected enough you could likely land a mid grade prospect for him. Nothing mind boggling but a A+ or AA guy.