All of this KISS discussion got me wondering, what exactly is the conversation going to look like in another 8 (probably longer) years when Nickelback is up for discussion. I wouldnt' say I'm a Nickelback fan, don't own any CDs, downloads, etc... wouldnt' consider seeing them in concert or bringing them up on youtube, I know them for only 2 things, 1) the handful of songs that I've heard on the radio, and 2) the seemingly absolute hatred of their music.

As I mentioned before, I couldnt' play a note on any instrument to save my life, so I'm not really in position to critic anyone musically, but from what I've heard on the radio they don't deserve all the negative feedback that they do get. I've asked the question before, and I've never seen an answer that made me understood the seemingly universal hatred from the musically sophisticated crowd that they get. At any rate, the mention of ICP in relation to KISS got me thinking, so I looked them up on wiki and was surprised to find that they released their first record in 1995, and if I read things correctly, they'd be eligible for nomination 25 years removed from their first record. I doubt they get nominated their first year eligible but have been seemingly commericially successful enough that they'll be up for consideration and perhaps eventually nomination some day.

That is a day I look forward to on the internet; it may just break the day it happens.