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Bold predictions.

I still think it is going to be hard for them even get 3rd place next year. The Angels are always dangerous and could be even more when they are healthy. Rangers have been competitive in recent years and now they have a GM who can focus on his job. You also have Beane and the A's doing their thing as well as the Mariners who are a couple years out too. Which two teams will finish behind the Astros?
1 team will flop that isn't expected to but I don't know which one - like LA did this year. Seattle will be the other. And Houston might fall back to 4th or even 5th if the West is really tight and competitive top to bottom. Point is they will make things much more interesting next year - they have some kids in AAA that will come up and some already on the team. If they make a couple FA acquisitions to help they will be much better than anyone expects - next year. Still too young and too inexperienced to compete all the way but they won;t be the same patsies anymore.