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True but I think a lot are putting words into Price's mouth because it is what they want to believe. Nowhere in the interview did he say he would use all stats available or even reference "advanced stats". Only said it is a growing part of the game. The only things he stated specifically was a displeasure for the matchup game. Which if coming from Dusty Baker would have most very uneasy. Also that as a Manager he would have to trust in players to come through in situations. Also a very Baker like philosophy.

He may be more inclined to use advanced stats he may not. We should be able to tell a few months into the season. But to those claiming excitement for the hire because he will manage more sabr friendly than Baker are premature. If anything his quotes would have you thinking otherwise.
Actually, Price used the phrase "statistical analysis" which indicates to me that he understands that it's more than looking at someone's RBIs in a vacuum.

He's a smart individual, he'll have the relevant stats available, but ultimately I'm more interested in his knowledge of baseball which seems to be high; his intelligence, also high. And his judgment and leadership as a manager, which we'll see.