This his strategy now. There is nothing ideally wrong with it either. However let a right hander take a lefty deep a couple times late in the game and it would not surprise me to see that change. Most managers prefer to avoid criticism. If your left handed specialist gets beat by a lefty it is no big deal. The player failed to do his job. If he manages like this he leaves himself open to big questions that most managers prefer not to have to deal with. That is maybe the biggest reasons players have roles. He has never had to face the press night after night so I would take his thoughts now as just that, thoughts.
I happen to agree with this. However, I think you have to take Price at his word for now. Some managers cave to media scrutiny more than others. (Dusty seemed super sensitive to second guessing.) And by no means can we expect Price to manage every situation in a non-Dusty manner. The game is just not that strategically complex. We're talking about shades of difference that over time can get more out of all 25 guys, which I like.