I voted not confident... but that doesn't mean I'm hoping for him to leave or am rooting against him.

Justification: I believe he has been ham strung by Castellini, so this has more to do with the entire front office than Jocketty himself. Over the past few years they have executed a half-hearted "win now" attitude and 2014 might look ugly for the Reds. Reasons:

1. Even with some guys leaving the Payroll, the payroll is going to be stressed with the Arb eligible guys. At least one of the long term contracts is starting to look albatross like. I am pessimistic that Castellini will increase the payroll enough to give Jocketty what he needs to upgrade offensive production in the outfield, maintain the high level of production in Center, and to build a better bench.

2. Depleted farm for 2014 season. Outside of BH... there aren't really aren't whole lot of options down there that are ready to be promoted to help the team, either as an upgrade to the bench or to upgrade position players. Because of number 1... I'm afraid that the Farm for 2015 and beyond will look like the Farm for 2014.

All of this can change with how Jocketty handles the Hot Stove. He has some very valuable pieces (Latos, Bailey, Chapman, Leake, Hamilton) that can be moved now (not all of them, just one or two) to upgrade the Red's chances at making a run for the division title, without sabotaging them in other areas or depleting the farm further. Personally I think Chapman and Hamilton are the pieces that should be considered. Just my opinion though.

By my count I have the most to gain from my pessimism... if I'm right... it's a win.... if I'm wrong... then I get to be pleasantly surprised.