MLBTR article on Choo's FA profile.

The writer guesses that Choo gets 6 years at $100M which puts him at $16.67M a year. I just did the math based on the other articles MLBTR has released like the arb numbers and the Offseason Outlook and came to a total of $120M for this year if we kept Choo at that number he suggested. Of course that $120M does not factor in Dusty's vacation salary and the replacements (or resign) of Parra and Izturis either.

I read another article on Red Reporter that said to expect the Reds payroll to rise at least 10% because of improved attendance this year. They had the payroll at $100M last year therefore this year would be $110M. My numbers from both Baseball Reference and ESPN have the payroll this year at $110 and given a 10% increase would put us right there to afford Choo and Parra and a veteran INF next year.

Of course if the numbers are higher or whatever, I think it is definitely in the realm of possibility to backload Choo's contract. This way we can afford the extensions of Latos, Cueto, Leake and possibly Bailey while paying Choo a little less than the average per year salary on his contract until Broxton, Ludwick, Marshall, and Chapman are off the books.