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Also, Pablo is a switch hitter hitting in pitcher friendly ballpark.

Pablo's weight problem can be easily fixed. Frazier's plate approach, not so much.
If we look at last year, basically Sandoval had .030 more OBP than Frazier, but worse defense. Sure, Sandoval might bounce back, might get in shape, and might get a boost from the GAB, but is that worth paying another 6-8 million for (with less years)? Seems very risky. If we're going to gamble on a bounceback candidate, I'd rather pull Phillips off the trading block and hope his hand was the reason he had a back second half.

I agree, it's unlikely Frasier will ever be a high OBP guy, but an .030 edge is only reaching base 18 more times over 600 ABs.. The defense Frazier gives is worth that hit.