Okay, So I realize this definitely qualifies as a #firstworldproblem that everyone would love to have.

My wife's family is AWESOME about Christmas gifts. I mean, like Christmas at their house takes hours because they give the kids so many presents and it's all a bit overwhelming.

Not only that, but my mother in law asks for lists of stuff we want, so it's not just hours of weird stuff that we'll put away and never use.

So here's the problem. I don't really need anything. At least anything that could qualify as something I could ask for.

I can(and will) ask for donations to charities that are important to me.
I can (and will) ask for gift cards.

But really, I want to have a few tangible items on the list because ultimately I know I'm going to get those items, and it's actually less stress on the family if I can actually come up with stuff I like.

So tell me Redszone nation, what do I need but not know it yet?