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Some would say a team that throws four interceptions, has a 10-yard punt and has two consecutive 15-yard penalties on the same play could be in trouble in the playoffs.

I say that's true.

On the other hand, I also say to have those things and still win by 17 against a team fighting for a playoff spot is impressive.

Bills gonna get it done today. Bengals will be rewarded.
Shannon Sharpe said that and he's just a bitter Ravens fan, and I think it could be looked at as "how scary is a team that threw 4 interceptions and still won 34-17? The Bengals are scary good at home."

The last interception was AJ Green's responsibility to make a play on the ball. Not sure what happened there, but it should have been an easy TD. For those complaining, stuffing two predictable run plays up the middle would have been much better, eh? I'm glad to see him using stuff down on the goal line instead of predictable plays. It wasn't executed, but I can't complain about an aggressive play call.