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Yeah, buts it not like we were in the cellar last year. If Ludwick performs next year, and Frazier/Meso step up alittle more then we won't that far off. We definitely need a CF, don't get me wrong. I'm not sold on Hamilton starting right away by any means. I would much rather be able to pull off the big trade to fixe 2 or 3 positions too, but I just don't see it now. If we sign Bronson and use Leake for a CF trade chip piece then that may what we have to live with for awhile.
Ludwick's getting a little long in the tooth. He's being held together with bailing wire. He's a class act but depending on him is iffy. Not sure what kind of CF'er can be gotten for Leake. Might as well dangle Bailey since he seems destined for FA next year.