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I'd never had gravy on fries before, until I moved to New York. Just seems like an odd combo and it makes the fries soggy. Not my thing. I also don't get calling fried potatoes "home fries" or calling chili dogs "michigans". I could go on and on (these are lighthearted topics). On the flip side, they'd never had my version of dumplings before and now there are multiple families all over upstate New York making them. I left my mark on them and they left their's on me. I still have a friend from Mooers Forks who sends me his homemade maple syrup every few months. It's all good. I'd move back in a heartbeat and will have a vacation home there before I retire.
Do you like chili on your fries? I prefer chili and cheese to gravy and cheese on my fries, but it's the same idea.

I know exactly what somebody means when they say "home fries". Fried potatoes could mean a multitude of different foodstuffs.

And *coneys* are called "Michigans" because that's where they originated...