Saw this in another forum and the responses were a hoot.

Inability to tell a story briefly. My wife will tell you things like the color of the cashier's shirt and the price of eggs in China all while just trying to explain that she went to the grocery store. "Brevity is the sole of wit" she has never heard of.

Posting pictures publicly solely based on how SHE looks. Oh nevermind that my eyes were closed and there's a big pizza stain on my white shirt in that photo. Sure, make that your new facebook profile pic because you look stunning.

Driving to the neighbor's house. I mean the NEXT DOOR neighbors house. I could hit it with a baseball or walk the maybe 200 feet before you are even out of the garage. Just walk!!!!!

"Junk drawers" Every house has a "junk drawer." We have one in every room of the house that she refuses to clear out. When I say every room, I mean the guest bedroom, half bath, laundry room, all of them.

Texting. If I don't respond in 90 seconds, she will resend her text and is pissed. If she doesn't respond to me promptly, she was "busy" and it's not an issue to her.