On the occasion she gets fast food/carryout, she never checks the food at the restaurant. She will drive 15 miles home and find that she is missing half the food, or was given someone else's order. This happens often enough, that I can't even get mad about any more. Her response is always why do you get so worked up over food?

My wife also treats the gas grill like it is a volatile nuclear warhead. She is terrified to light the thing, and refuses to change the tank should it run out while cooking. We have a Weber Genesis in good working order, it isn't like we have some whacky thing you have to light with a match.

Her family has a habit of asking me for advice, and then not using it. To the point where I am insulted when they ask, because I know they will ignore me. She knows this, and still will put me in the situation where they ask for my advice and then ignore it. Then when the inevitable I told you so situation comes to pass, I can't say anything. Credit usually goes to the jackass salesman, that sold them both situation 1 and 2. He "Took care of me".