1) Guilt trips/Assuming that I'm giving a guilt trip. She assumes that I'm some sort of scheming person attempting to suggest and guilt my way to the top. I'm just not. I'm as deep as a can of tuna. Really, her reactions to my words just gives me a window into the way her mind works.

2) The way she is an OSU fan. Not THAT she is an OSU fan, but the WAY she is an OSU fan. She is like a paranoid schizophrenic thinking that anyone saying anything remotely critical about OSU hates them. Then, she complains that I don't talk to her during games. I don't say much, I have learned my lesson. But, she isn't the only one. Her whole family does this. What makes it worse is that I went to UK and they assume that I'm some sort of SEC apologist. I have tried to explain that I only really care about the basketball team and that I don't care about SEC football. It never works.

3) Kind of like #1 (in that I get a window into her mind), she often thinks she has told me something when she hasn't and then gets mad at me for not knowing what she didn't tell me. I know that she has been stewing over that thing for days and has convinced herself that because it is consuming her, that it is consuming me as well. Even though she hasn't actually mentioned it.

Other than those few things, I couldn't be happier.