My first thread!

Anyway, as the title suggests, I think the Reds need to move Jay Bruce into the cleanup spot.

Sure, I don't think Jay is a natural cleanup guy - the 5 hole seems to suit him better - but right now, not having anyone to protect Joey Votto is seriously hurting our offensive production (especially with the loss of Choo). So in lieu of finding an actual cleanup hitter, I say put Jay right behind Votto - clump your two best hitters together. I think Votto will start seeing better pitches to hit and will start swinging the bat more. As it stands now he's taking a lot of walks because pitchers do not fear Brandon Phillips - to me, the only other batter in the lineup to fear than Votto is clearly Jay Bruce. Can't criticize Votto for getting on base because he's walking.

I know there are arguments out there about putting two lefties together but call me new school, I don't really care about that argument. Someone else stated in better in a thread in the ORG, but basing your lineup on a hypothetical at bat late in the games while sacrificing all the at bats in the first 6 innings of the game is nuts to me. Besides, Jay Bruce has led the lead in Lefty vs Lefty home runs the last 3 seasons (I think).