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Thread: Your opinion of the Reds- January 2014

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    Re: Your opinion of the Reds- January 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by cumberlandreds View Post
    Moderately satisfied. I'm satisfied they will be a contender this year. I don't see much difference between this team and the 2012 team. They are just heavily dependant on the pitching staff staying healthy and having a good season. If they have health issues it may turn into a very long season. Hamilton is the big wild card for the season. If he progesses and makes good adjustments at the MLB level then it could turn into a really great season. I'm just not holding my breath on that one.
    Pretty much exactly where I'm at. I am a lot more satisfied with the overall health of the club and the big picture than I am satisfied with this offseason, but I honestly think even Walt would agree to as much off the record.

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    Re: Your opinion of the Reds- January 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by 5TimeWSChamps View Post
    There will be plenty of room for you and junkhead on the bandwagon this summer. Just bring the egg to place on your face.
    Attended 1976 World Series in my Mother's Womb. Attended 1990 World Series Game 2 as a 13 year old. Want to take my son to a a World Series Game in Cincinnati in my lifetime.


    jimbo (01-17-2014),Wishbone C (01-18-2014)

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    Re: Your opinion of the Reds- January 2014

    I voted moderately satisfied, and that's based on the off-season being pretty non-existent. I've lived through many many seasons of losing and embarrassing baseball by the Reds, so this stretch of winning has been a blast.

    I want this organization to build a team that will be competitive on a yearly basis. I don't want to ever hear the word "rebuild" ever again. I think this team is built to compete this season. I'm as disappointed in the inaction this winter as anyone, but I really feel that the personnel is there, they just need a few things to fall into place. The Reds, just like the majority of MLB, are hamstrung to a certain degree. It's easy for us fans to be critical while sitting on our recliner. Much more difficult in real life.

    I'm also one that doesn't believe in building a team based on winning playoff games. So many things can happen in the postseason, just get there and your chance of winning is as good as anyone's.

    This time in my life has been my most enjoyable as a Reds fan. I really was too young to enjoy the BRM. I think most of the negative attitude we're seeing with the Reds now is just an example of the "what have you done for me today" society that we now live in.

    I'm excited about the season, can't wait for opening day.

    Go Reds!!


    757690 (01-17-2014),Wishbone C (01-18-2014)

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    Re: Your opinion of the Reds- January 2014

    The question is open to interpretation and context.

    As a 50-year Reds fan, sure, I'm somewhat satisfied although never happy with a team that fails in the big spots, like playoffs. But it's certainly a winning era, which is great.

    But in the context of the current Reds era, I'm very dissatisfied that the team isn't improving and "on paper" is becoming less likely to compete for a championship in the next year or two.

    And I recognize this is "on paper" and that anything can happen in sports. So I will continue to follow the team and hope. Games are played on the field. But "on paper" I see no reasonable way to conclude that the team is improving.

    Even recognizing the small market realities, the team's farm system is not very strong right now. So even that route doesn't promise huge immediate upside.

    I don't want moves for the sake of moves. But if a franchise in a full year cannot find a way to make a single major player upgrade then I think a fan has a right to be dissatisfied.

    Maybe not politically correct, but it's my view.

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    Re: Your opinion of the Reds- January 2014

    Water be treaded.

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    Re: Your opinion of the Reds- January 2014

    I was pretty amped for the 2013 Reds especially since I thought the 2012 team was for sure going to win the WS and just ran into some bad luck, and then added Choo in the offseason.

    Now, we're looking at a team that limped to the end of the season where they were finally put out of their misery, who lost its 2nd best player without a real replacement, have made no moves to fill new and long existing holes, and have a significant member of the rotation whose contract status is in limbo.

    Despite all that, they still have a great foundation especially pitching wise, but I imagine the 2014 Reds will have more in common with the 2011 club than the 2010/12/13 teams.
    Quote Originally Posted by Larry Schuler View Post
    He has also taught me that even when the Reds win it is important to focus on the fact that they could have lost.
    Quote Originally Posted by Raisor View Post
    Game update:

    Jason Marquis

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    Re: Your opinion of the Reds- January 2014

    Kinda of a meh feeling all around. I think this had been the play for 2014 last year. I had hopes that the Reds would find a way to retain Choo, but that didn't happen. All along I think the Reds thought 2014 was going to be when Hamilton was the starting CF.

    They are going into 2014 with a pitching and defense focus. The pitching should be power pitching, and if everything plays out, this team should contend for a divisional title and beyond.

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    Re: Your opinion of the Reds- January 2014

    I'm a little surprised by the results of the poll so far. I didn't think there would be this number of people unhappy. I thought I was being somewhat negative just by being neutral.

    Honestly though, I think the results so far reflect what I've heard from my friends and people at work when talking about the Reds. I think Walt, Bob and the management group really need some kind of positive press on something. People aren't happy with how the team finished last year, and they've done nothing to wash that sour taste away.

    Every news story or press story about the Reds possibly getting someone (which isn't often this offseason) is quickly followed by Walt saying "can't afford him", "no,no no", "he's way out of our league". Fans don't want to hear that. From a marketing perspective you really don't want that to be the majority of your press in an offseason. But, that's how this offseason has went.
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    joshua (01-18-2014),Kc61 (01-17-2014),Revering4Blue (01-17-2014)

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    Re: Your opinion of the Reds- January 2014

    Window is closing. Moderately disappointed.

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    Re: Your opinion of the Reds- January 2014

    I'd be more satisfied if they decided what they wanted.

    If they moved Phillips/Bailey/Chapman and retooled for another 4 year run like 2010-2013, where they are going to the playoffs every year, I'd be extremely satisfied.

    If they made a move for a big time power bat and showed they were going to go all-in this year also, then I'd be extremely satisfied as well.

    But instead, I have no idea what their plan is.

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    Re: Your opinion of the Reds- January 2014

    I believe what the direction for this season hinges on two decisions -

    a) do you add another middle of the order bat and a couple of decent platoon options on the bench and go for it now or do you go by-and-large with the offense as it now stands?

    b) do you hang on to Homer and take the comp pick or deal him for future help?

    IMO, the answer to a = the answer to b.

    If you can find away to beef up/balance the offensive attack, by all means, keep Homer and go for it then gladly take the pick.

    If not, and you're going forward with the offense as is the club's ceiling is most like a slot in the Wildcard game which they will lose when the opposing manager runs out his top LH starter (Liriano, Gio Gonzalez, etc.) - and Homer probably won't be pitching that game anyway. IMO, this options makes Homer superfluous. In this case then deal Homer (and probably a couple of others for young talent to balance the offense and extend "the window."


    5TimeWSChamps (01-17-2014),Revering4Blue (01-17-2014)

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    Re: Your opinion of the Reds- January 2014

    Neutral. Saw this offseason coming from a mile away.

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    Re: Your opinion of the Reds- January 2014

    This is tough because it depends on how you want to look at this team. In the 3 to 6 years from now I don't like how the team is shaped up right now.in the 1 to 2 years from now I like the look of this team but they are flawed like every mlb team. The question marks on the team like is Hamilton ready and can ludwick rebound don't bother me because all teams have those questions, what does bother me is the depth of the team when someone goes down or isn't cutting it. So the depth of the team is a huge issue that has not really been addressed. Walt I think only looks at the now, he has a track record of it with the cards and now the reds. What I mean by that is he likes to sign guys to way to long of contracts for more money than anyone else would (Hanahan, Phillips, Votto, Ludwick......I could keep going but I'm getting mad). Now he wants to lock up Bailey long term and if you want to see this team be crippled then hope that he signs because now that Kershaw signed for 30 million a year Bailey should get 15 to 20. If they do that they can kiss good-bye to having Cueto, Latos, Chapman or Leake past arbitration years. So with that said I think the best thing they should've done would've been to trade Bailey and Phillips and Re-loaded the farm system to help with the now and future. These GM's need to take a good hard look at Boston and stop signing these guys to 5 to 10 year contracts. If I were in charge I would never go beyond 4 years because I would bet that 80% of contracts that get past year 4 and beyond are considered vastly overpaid compared to when they signed. With trading those 2 I would take that money and go after a lot of international FA to replenish the minors and sign Latos to a 4 year deal and get some depth on the bench. Phillips could net an outfield bat to play CF and Hamilton would go back to AAA and focus on getting on base.

    why is BP batting 4th

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    Re: Your opinion of the Reds- January 2014

    I'm Meh.

    2010 was the first playoff appearance I can ever remember for the Reds. On a scale compared to past experiences, I'm satisfied. OTOH, if we're judging based on true expectations as a fan I'm moderately dissatisfied. WTF are we doing just sitting on our hands?

    Combine them and you get "meh" -- in other words, you get Cincinnati pro sports.


    Wonderful Monds (01-18-2014)

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    Re: Your opinion of the Reds- January 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by 5TimeWSChamps View Post
    Well, either way, the baseball team is in terrible shape.

    Terrible shape was 1982.. no hope of even having a 500 record.
    This team is a contender.. Geez, people get so spoiled after a few playoff appearances.
    Enjoy 2014, because the lean years will get here sooner than we want them to.
    Thank you Walt and Bob for bringing winning baseball back to Cincy

    Nov. 13, 2007: One of the greatest days in Reds history: John Allen gets the boot!


    bigredmechanism (01-18-2014),Wishbone C (01-18-2014)

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