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We do disagree on Heisey. He's a low OBP hitter, almost never walks. I would have used his $1.7 million toward a bat, a better OBP man.

And if the new guy can't play CF, then I would have opted for a defensive CFer rather than Schumaker, who I agree isn't a real CF option.

Hard for me to see where the OBP is going to come from on this team as constituted.

Except that some OBP will come from Votto who probably will be walked repeatedly and constantly.
Well, I guess I see Schumaker as the OBP bat off the bench and super utility guy that really isn't a great defender.

Heisey is the backup CF that every team needs to have.
Too bad there's not 27 roster spots, and we could've kept Paul. That would've helped the bench out.

Hopefully Votto doesn't walk as much next year, and gets more hits <ducks and hides >