Ok, we are coming up on Spring Training within a month, in the heart of arbitration cases now, and little to no movement in trades or free agency I believe we are right around 80 million right now, with a project 20-26 million more after arb deals are done. With this weeks articles coming out about Walt possibly feeling good about a Homer extension, assuming he is using money that was available for a Choo signing if Choo opted to come back here. It appears that Big Bob has room to go 110-120 million in payroll, I have to think this is because of the new tv deal kicking in.....

I'm going to try and stick with guys/news we've actually been connected to from Twitter, MLBtraderumors, Fay, Ctrent, etc, particularly with the 2014 plan.

Here is Cots Contracts for Reds link for reference:

2014 before season
1. Sign Homer 7 years, with opt out at 5 year for 15/105, front loaded in first few years.

2. Sign Grady Sizemore to minor league deal for CF try out, not sure if he makes team for opening day if that deal has to be restructured for major league deal with incentives.

-I don't see a deal for BP, or a signing of Arroyo now, unless Bailey doesn't sign long term, they may settle on 1 year with him, sign Arroyo, which may open up room to try and trade Cueto.

-Is Cuetos contract still cheap enough, and he still good enough to be used partnered up with BP to get a LF with RH power back. Would the Bluejays be interested in this deal for Bautista?

2014 Deadline If Competitve
1. Find a way to trade off either Marshall or Broxton, to free up some of that bullpen salary. Trade deadline period is the best time to try and shop one of them off......

2. Need to free up some cash to sign Latos next offseason with a backloaded contract to not run consecutively with Bailey.

Hope for production from Frazier, Cozart, and Mesoraco to step up. I liked Cozart and Mesoracos production in the latter half of the season. Hope for a new Sizemore to play most of season while Billy still gains some more experience.