4 way knot.

Amir Garrett - 22, LHP, hits upper 90s with fb and has a very good curve. 22nd round steal in 2011. Easily would have been drafted higher but teams thought he'd go with basketball. Reds paid over slot to sign him (something they couldn't do today). A lefty with that fb/curve combo? Can't wait til his college basketball is done!

Jeremy Kivel - 20, RHP, 10th round 2012. Jeremy was drafted 10th and signed away from college - Probably would have been much higher pick but teams shied away because of his commitment to Houston. Worked in the AZL last summer and should rise pretty quickly now. Delayed because he had a torn ACL as a senior and rested it in 2012. Mid 90s fb, good change, and curve/slurve. Needs to work on that curveball still but made strides toward that in 2013. If he improves his curve he's a starting pitcher.

Curtis Partch 27, RH Reliever, pretty certain to be with the Reds at some point this summer so this is his last hurrah as a prospect. Since he began relieving he has really turned up the fastball velocity. Doesn't get hit too hard and has a great K rate - can he harness the control that is his weakness?

Kyle Waldrop 22, OF-LH, 21 homers and 32 2Bs in Bakersfield. 121 Ks 32 BBs 504 ABs. Low average/OBP. 20 steals. 12th round in 2010. Can he replicate something like this at Pensacola where he won't be in a bandbox in a hitters league? At Dayton he was .767 with 8 homers as a 20 year old.