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I agree on what you're saying! I would be interested to know why these people voting are snubing players that should be ranked much higher then they are! I will leave it at that!!

What have they done to show they should be ranked higher? Stay around long enough to land on the 40 man roster, which apparently isn't tough to do. none of them can hit and even worse, 2 can't spell defense if you spotted them "defens". JMO

As far as Duran, this age argument is getting old. I realize he could still break out or something, but he's been in pro ball 5 years, and his tools hasn't translated into results. I would think after 5 years your tools should somehow post some results. People miss on prospects all the time, maybe they missed on this one too? Oh, and when he finds his OF glove, make sure someone post a pic of it here so he will know where it is.

Let people vote the way they want to vote, if more people though they deserved to be on the list already they would be there. JMO