I am sympathetic to carrying an extra bat, but.....Hannahan has 24 ML innings at SS; Phillips has 19; Schumaker has 3 IP which is three more innings than he has at SS. Frazier and Hamilton were moved off SS in the minors. I think it is fair to say that they cannot play SS except, perhaps, in an emergency for one game. There are three questions that must be answered. First, would playing any of the above at SS for about 10 games during the season incur more damage than the offsetting benefit of having a better pinch hitter? Second, what is the backup plan in the event that Cozart is out for a few weeks. Is there a defensively ML capable SS willing to take a AAA assignment and await a call that might not come? Third, if the Reds had to get a SS during the season on short notice from another organization, what would be the Reds bargaining position and what would be the cost in prospects?

The answer I get is Santiago at SS on the 25. I don't like it, but it seems like the prudent course. The only possible out I see is Hamilton. I understand that he lacked polish at SS, but it is not clear to me that moving him to CF was more a case of preferring Cozart over Stubbs. I'd want to see what he had this spring before deciding between Santiago and Bernadino. If Hamilton would work, then try to work a deal with Santiago to stay at AAA.