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Thread: I say... Sell at the deadline.

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    Re: I say... Sell at the deadline.

    I am totally opposed to 'selling' at this point. How many years can the Reds afford to keep this starting pitcher corp together? I really doubt whether we have Latos, Cueto, Bailey, Leake, and Simon for the long haul. Stephenson and Cingrani have potential, and that is good. However, one could argue that Joey, Ludwick, Shumaker, and BP are on the downward side of their careers. Frazier and Cozart are 28 and at their peak, and perhaps Bruce, Hamilton, and Mesoraco are young enough to get better.

    The problem with throwing in the towel is that this could well be the closest we are to the top of the division for the next few years. I wouldn't give away the farm, but I sure wouldn't sell either.
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    Re: I say... Sell at the deadline.

    barring something extreme, like a 0-20 run, selling at the trade deadline is great way to guarantee ownership loses at least half, if not three quarters of their projected revenues for the rest of the year. there's a large number of expensive contracts here under an ownership that reinvests heavily into the team. these aren't Uncle Carl's Reds anymore.
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    yes, this really is how we make our living.


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    Re: I say... Sell at the deadline.

    Quote Originally Posted by Z-Fly View Post
    I pulled it off the quoted article. There weren't many good ones, that weren't slide shows.

    It was just another way of looking at it. Maybe I wrong. Hopefully I am. It seems like there is a ton of pitching talent coming up through the pipeline, but I think the Reds have squeezed all of the production that there is out of this current collection of players. I don't think it would be wise to unload prospects for a middle of the road infielder.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I guess we will see how it plays out. I am willing to make a fun wager, if you are.
    Im not necessarily in favor of making any deals, but the idea of always keeping all your prospects is silly. Aside from LF, every position on the current big league roster is accounted for for several years.
    (Referring to Jack Hannahan signing with a Korean team)
    Since there are no teams on the moon, I guess South Korea's far enough from Cincinnati to satisfy me.


    villain612 (07-18-2014)

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    Re: I say... Sell at the deadline.

    With the way this team pitches, add in one or two of the relievers stepping up who have done it before (LeCure, Parro), this team is a 2nd wild card away from being a very serious threat to win it all.

    I used to want to add bats, now I want to add a 7th inning guy (or have one step up) and hunker down with pitching and defense.

    The Giants showed us all that if you can pitch, you can win it all, even with journeymen out on the field.
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    Re: I say... Sell at the deadline.

    Quote Originally Posted by OGB View Post
    Im not necessarily in favor of making any deals, but the idea of always keeping all your prospects is silly. Aside from LF, every position on the current big league roster is accounted for for several years.
    Isn't that true. I like Joc Pedersen as a target, but then what do you do with Bruce, Hamilton, and Winker?

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    Re: I say... Sell at the deadline.

    1.5 games out and selling sullies the brand that is slowly climbing out of two decades of bad management.

    What's the point of the season?

    Winning games or collecting the T.J. Matthews of the world?


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    Re: I say... Sell at the deadline.

    this team is not the favourite for the world series title, but in recent history most teams won the title who didnīt have the best odds at the all star game

    I would add some minor pieces (bullpen and bench guy who would likely take over lf or 1b) and see what the guys can do in the second half. they are winning against the teams above .500 (by a big number, this will likely go down a bit) and are tied/struggling agaisnt the below .500 teams (that will go up)

    the pitching is great and will remain great (I think simon will decline but, latos and bailey will get better) => I wouldnīt sell 1.5 games out of the postseason with those guys... the moment you get to the postseason everything is possible!
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    Re: I say... Sell at the deadline.

    Hell no.
    Quote Originally Posted by Norm Chortleton View Post
    The old Votto is back when he starts cussing himself out between pitches.


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    Re: I say... Sell at the deadline.

    As WoY posted above, if the Reds are gonna sell off their best players for prospects in July when they're 1.5 games out of the division lead, there really is no point in playing the season then.
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    Re: I say... Sell at the deadline.

    Buy Buy Buy! try and win it all.
    Go Gators!

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    Re: I say... Sell at the deadline.

    I'd love to see the Reds pull off a deal at the deadline. But I want us to bring in a solid MI prospect for the long haul...not this year. For this season I think we've already got what it takes. Get healthy and watch the hell out!


    HeatherC1212 (07-18-2014)

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    Re: I say... Sell at the deadline.

    For every trade listed where a team gives up a prospect that they regret, there's probably at least 5 Danny Neagle type trades..
    The Reds were in second place (now granted, they were further back than 1.5 games) and waved the white flag in 2000 and traded Neagle for the future.
    None of the prospects that came back amounted to a hill of beans, and the later good trade of Pena-Arroyo does not change the fact that it was a horrible trade.

    If the Reds are maxed out in budget, I can kind of understand not adding anyone, but I hope they find a way to add another bat.
    Considering that an average bat at OF, 1b, or 2b would really help for at least the next 6 weeks, not a tall order to ask for.

    I hope they don't give up Winker/Stephenson/Lorenzen.. but if they do, they're getting a good player back and I'm enjoying the ride.

    Makes no sense to sell when the team is built to win now.. Plenty of time later to enjoy a rebuilding (all good things come to an end eventually, why hasten it)

    And let's not become a spoiled fan base.. getting into the playoffs with a WC and losing is a lot more fun than a losing rebuilding season (at least IMO)
    Thank you Walt and Bob for bringing winning baseball back to Cincy

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    Re: I say... Sell at the deadline.

    Get back in there and sell! SELL!

    Eric Stratton, Rush Chairman. Damn glad to meet ya.


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    Re: I say... Sell at the deadline.

    Hey. We're contenders. What the hell do we want to sell for? This club is pretty much built.

    We want the world and we want it..... now.

    Reds in 2014.


    wheels (07-19-2014)

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    Re: I say... Sell at the deadline.


    Bob Sheed (07-21-2014),Hoosier Red (07-19-2014)

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