Sitting at 7-6 and not clinched a playoff spot so this week is crucial...

I have 3 really tempting matchups: Gore @Oak, Ingram vCar, Ivory @Min
and two I don't know what to think about: Murray vSF, Bush vTB

I need to use 2 There is absolutely nothing of note from FA except maybe if you believe Ben Tate will make more noise in Minnesota.

Leaning Ingram, Gore, Ivory, Bush, Murray depending on how the health news breaks on both Murray and Bush

WR: Megatron is a must start any time he's healthy, Stills is a gimmee due to who he plays (Carolina),

The rest: Crabtree @Oak, Torrey Smith vMia, Wayne @Cle. I absolutely over drafted Crabtree and one of the real big reasons I'm only 7-6 (severly underperformed) and I can never tell which Kaep is showing up. Smith has been a consistant scorer since week 6 (except the Cincy game).

And I have Dallas' kicker, Dallas has already started their yearly implosion should I be looking for another kicker (and dumping someone) or Bailey's leg is too good to change anything.

Thanks in advance.