Not a shot at anyone, just an observation.

I've seen WMP's contract discussed about 50 time here. I understand why, lots of things are confusing until you have them explained to you so many posters ask why he can't just rework his contract.? (I did this about 2 years ago, and I see this question pretty much monthly since then)

We have posters coming and going and new posters all the time so I understand why this happens. Its not that I am annoyed with it, its that I think we could help our fellow 'zoners become more informed fans.

Why not create a thread for these oft questioned (and repeated) pieces of information and put it in the archives?

I think it'd be simple enough, post a thread ...
"Archives - WMP Contract"
1) We all post until we are satisfied we have all the correct info.
2) One poster gathers the info into one post and its placed into the archives. If someone finds a whole in the logic, we update it.
3) Rinse, wash, repeat

The Threads I would like to see are ...

1) WMP contract
2) Roster Moves - Options, outright, purchased contract of, released, waived, DL
3) Rule V draft
4) Arbitration (eligibility, process, etc.)
5) Free Agency ( compensation for signed, etc)
6) 10-5 guys
7) 25 man roster, 40 man roster
8) 15 Day DL, 60 Day DL
9) SABR (whats WHIP, hows it calculated, etc)

... and I am sure there are more. I know I can't remember the ins and outs of all these all the time, so I'd love to have them at my fingertips.

Does anybody want to tackle the first one ....

WMP Contract