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I'm not sure there are many places where you can credibly cite DSL statistics (which is 70 percent of your sample).

His numbers got better, but it's still an incredibly low level of baseball, literally the lowest in MLB-affiliated stateside baseball.

It was 65 PA! It's the very epitome of a small sample size.

Playing in DR and then America shows poise? That is some wild extrapolation. (You can save the story about the harrowing journey to Goodyear, Arizona; the uprooting of his life.)

He's 6'3"! I mean, sure that means he could add weight and power, but so could all other tall players.

Castro isn't a pedigree guy either. From what I can find on the internet, he wasn't signed as a big prospect, didn't receive a big bag of cash (though his trainer/buscone is simply known as "Banana." There is very little in the way of scouting reports. So, it's not as if the optimism is buoyed on pedigree. It's just the few stateside AB.

Of the little information out there, Fangraphs Eric Longerhagan spoke of him in the same breath as another Reds DSL prospect, a guy named Allan Cerda. (Link) That's the level of prospect he is. He's Allan Cerda outside the lunatic fringe of a Reds minor league board.
Well, you're pleasant.

Want to know how little I care about signing bonuses? Look up Cueto's. Or Jose Altuve. Then Yorman Rodriguez. All a signing bonus in that area is how many guys have "seen" the kid. In this case maybe it wasn't a lot. So a guy that probably has never seen him play equated Castro to another DSL guy on the same team. A guy that is about the same size and a year younger.

Again, who cares? Cerda looks interesting too. I'd be willing to bet he has the same path up that Castro did. Half the year in the DSL, half in the AZL in 2019. I mean it makes sense. And if that is Cerda's path, and he produces like Castro did, I'll be talking him up too. Next year.

The kid raked in the DSL and continued that in the AZL. And while his teammates primary language wasn't english, who cares? He has to now acclimate himself to a different country at 19 and be 3000 miles from home. That's tough whether you think it is or not.

Side note, where do these kids live while in the U.S.? I mean they make nothing. Is it sponsored housing?

Maybe relax a little. It's an internet message board literally filled with thousands of opinions. You can have yours, I can have mine. Or maybe try decaf?