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why is law enforcement doing something that's not legal?
There's a lot of ignorance/incompetence in law enforcement (and most other places, too).

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That's a legal question and where maybe you can help us. I do have a couple questions though. If it's no big deal to get this thrown out then why is law enforcement using these videos? Shouldn't they know how to set up a sting operation that'll hold up in court? If this was a slam dunk, why didn't more legal experts predict this? This got a lot of coverage and I can't say I ever heard in Feb that the video would likely be thrown out 'cause it was illegal. Let's start with RZ. Did you or anyone else see this coming (the video being thrown out)? I heard an expert on WLW and some on ESPN. None of them predicted this.
I don't know if it was a slam dunk or not, but apparently they weren't exactly breaking new ground with their legal theories. The ESPN/WLW experts likely didn't have enough facts to know whether or not the sting was properly executed.