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Kerry Blackshear to Florida.

Donít remember any recruit being pegged so many different directions before the team was announced. Last week Kentucky was the favorite, earlier in the week Tennessee.
That was tough to follow but a couple of UF guys I get information from who are connected to the staff never wavered during the process. They weren't always certain it would be us, just that we were never really out of it like everyone else claimed. I'd say it was around last Sunday they were 95% certain it was a done deal. I thought about posting something but I learned my lesson when I was being told Chip Kelly was a sure thing and I ran my mouth on here. Ultimately the only two schools that made sense were UF and UK. The late push and potential to return to VT was a little concerning at the end but the kid probably made the best choice. Nothing against UK, we just have the better fit right now.