Johan Santana will replace Rick Reed in the rotation this week and pitch FRI vs SD. It is not known at this time if Reed will be placed on the DL with back pains. My question is: Should I pick Santana up and potentially lose my 3rd closer that I just picked up?

My pitchers:

J. Pineiro


DL: R. Johnson

I would have to drop Percival to pick Santana up. That might be risky considering that Santana might only get 1 start. However, if Reed is forced to the DL, Santana will get at least 2 starts with the second coming against COL at Minnesota. If Santana was put in the rotation full time, I would not hesitate to drop Percival and add him, but with this "unknown status", it makes it hard to decide. The only other closer on the free agent list is Isringhausen, and I'm sure he'll be picked up real soon.

What should I do?