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How is this trade going to help the Reds win the division? It won't, man!
I am going to address this. This move might not help the Reds win the division this year, but it may help in building a good team for the future. One of the biggest needs for this team was a lead off hitter and a future second baseman. We just acquired that player. That helps doesn't it?

It's not like the trade deadline has expired. I suggest you wait until that time to make a final judgement on trades the Reds have made. The point is, there's no need to be a total pessimist. There are future moves that could be made to help the team. Like I said earlier, pitching is tough to acquire, especially when you have so many teams that are either unexpectedly still in the race or "on the bubble". More moves will be made, trust me. I'm sure some will bash those moves as well, but we must look at the trades and see how they effect this team not only this year, but in the future as well. In my opinion, this trade greatly improves this team for the future, while moderately helps this season.