I'm going to have to check with the union, but I believe that our outing on Saturday can be classified as a "date".

I paid for the movie.

We shared a couple of cokes.

She used my shoulder as a pillow for over 45 minutes.

Now, it's been awhile since I've been out on one of these "date" things, but I'm pretty sure that this qualfies.

Let's see, what else? After the movie we went to two different parties Saturday night. Much alcohol was consumed by me while watching the Jets game at the first one. All I'll say about that party is that there was missletoe, and it was used.


Sunday was another full Katie-Phil day. Ended up hanging out at a friends place all day, playing cards and watching Raising Arizona. I got to hold her foot for the whole movie (she has very cute feet).

All and all, great weekend, even if I didn't get any nookie :evilgrin: