Guys, in case you are wondering, last season Jarvis was 4-8 with a 5.87 ERA. The league batted .304 against him. He has a career
5.83 ERA..

I know some are touting all the payroll flexiblity trading Casey would bring.. but what exactly are we going to spend it on?

Based on the past, it's very unlikely the Reds will shop for free agents that would actually be impact players.. their MO is to just grab cheap, filler free agents..

Well, maybe we could use that payroll flexiblity to trade for a young up and coming pitcher in 2005 that is hitting arbitration.. well, what do we have to trade for a Vasquez-like pitcher in 2004?
The farm is pretty bare..

I know you can make a strong arguement that in theory the freed up Casey money will lead to a brighter future, but the reality is that it might just be another step into Milwaukee-land and the goal of a 30 milllion dollar budget.

I know Casey has been disappointing, but this trade has major disaster written all over it.. Until the Reds start actually spending some of their "flexiblity", it's going to be hard to sell the fans on trading Casey for a scrub.

Remember, the 2005 budget is influenced by the 2004 attendence... (at least according to Allen).