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Thread: 9/22 - Larkin News Conference at 7 PM

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    Yep. Barry ain't gonna get a better offer than that anywhere else.
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    Originally posted by guernsey
    Yep. Barry ain't gonna get a better offer than that anywhere else.
    That's why I don't think this press conference should have been held, because before this, Larkin may have returned for less money after not finding a contract on the open market.
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    I'm on record here as saying, on many 'Larkin Next Year?' threads, that I (personally) would go up to $1M to bring Barry back. Most on here felt that I was far to generous. Well, basicly, that's what the Reds offered Barry (the opportunity to earn $1M) and the Reds get ripped for it!?! Geez, short memory on this board!

    The Reds offer was fair, IMO. It gave Barry a way to earn his salary and go out with class with his home town team. Barry is the disappointment here, from my point of view.

    I agree that it will hurt his HOF chances.

    I agree this is a mirror image of the car-wreck that was the Ozzie Smith snit.

    I think that Barry may find himself 'retired' by opening day ala Davy Conception and his 'farewell tour' with the Angels Spring Training squad.

    Personally, I'm glad that John Allen did the dirty work and brought this out into the open. Hell, everyone and his pig hates Allen so why put this burden on a new GM's shoulders. Thanks for taking the hit, John.

    At least this issue is taken care of----only about 45 more to go. We've got six months till opening day, let's get a move on....


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    Its not suprising that Larkin turned it down. I think Barry is going to get some backlash and it will suprise him.

    I didn't mind him getting the 3yr/$27M deal, I considered it backpay.

    Talk about your "out with a whimper" ...


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    Typical, classless John Allen. I agree that Barry should not have been offered a sizeable contract, however, he should not have been treated like Tony Perez. Fans wonder why there is so much animosity with the Reds and with former players. Gee I wonder? This really is not so much about the contract offer as much as how poorly the FO handled an 18 year Reds veteran. Brutal.

    I knew this was coming when Allen alleged he could not get ahold of Barry over the weekend. I think I even posted something about that. Setting Barry up to look bad. Funny how phones work. I picked mine up dialed Barry's number and there he was. Maybe Allen was calling Barry's psychic line. TOTAL PR MESS!! We know who to blame for that. The Reds FO (and I mean the ENTIRE FO) is so spiteful. They just drive the fans away. VERY dissapointed.

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    SIGN BARRY!!!!
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    Hmn...a lot of interesting takes.

    In a situation like this, it seems human nature begs for blame assignment roles. Good versus evil.

    There's no good here. No evil. Just business.

    Barry Larkin has meant more to this club than most people remember (and more than some care to). In fact, during his peak, Larkin was THE reason to watch the Cinncinnati Reds. Exciting. Character. Drive. Pride. All words used to describe Barry Larkin, and those words are all spot on.

    Barry Larkin is a legacy player for this franchise and demonstrated that with everything he did. Great numbers? Good for you, Barry. Gold Gloves? Good for you, Barry. World Series ring? Good for you, Barry. MVP? Good for you, Barry. Hall of Fame? Maybe, and if so- good for you, Barry.

    And GOOD for the Cincinnati Reds. All of it.

    And dammit, good for us. Thank God we have all had the privledge to watch Barry Louis Larkin play Major League Baseball for all these years. Good for us, Barry and thank you, sir. THANK YOU.

    And now Barry Larkin wishes not to accept a contract below that which his pride says he deserves. Ok. No evil. It's not your fault that the Reds paid you far more than your performance dictated for the past three years.

    And now our Front Office has learned a valuable lesson and doesn't wish to overspend for a part-time infielder whose best years are behind him. Fine. Just business. It's not John Allen's fault that his player feels he deserves more.

    And what does this all come down to?

    Barry Larkin, thank you for everything you've done for the Cincinnati Reds over the course of your career. You've been a tremendous influence to all of baseball, a legend to many, and a hero to some. I will never forget how you've played the game and what you've meant to this franchise. EVER.

    Is it time for Barry to go? Sure. But there's no good and evil spin to it. It's just business.



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    Let's say that you're a middle-market 'sports bar' that was hot in the '90's. And, you've got a bar tender that was a big fav back then 'cause he could do all those 'behind the back glass flips' and he could quote all the latest stats and he could work the remote on all 8 TVs at the same time.

    But, now 'Larry' drops a glass or two. He doesn't really follow the stats anymore. The remote and the Tivo are beyond him now. Plus, he calls in sick more and more.

    You take Larry aside and say, "Maybe it's time to retire Larry." But Larry doesn't want to go. "All those years of faithful service", he says. "All those years of stand up play when the crowd didn't want to hear 'last call' ", he says. "All those years of working for minimum wage", he says. "All those years of breaking in all those new bartenders that we knew were never going to make it", he says.

    "Larry, I really, really appreciate all you've done for the folks here", you say. "But you don't have 'it' anymore. And, I really want you to go out in style. So, how about you work the lunch shift 3 days a week. I'll guarantee ya' more than minimum wage. Plus, if you perform well, you'll double your wages in tips! What do ya' say, big guy. We'll even have a 'Love ya' Larry Night' for ya. It'll be great! And, when you're done with that floor gig, we'll make ya' a part of the management."

    Yep. Definately classless on the part of that bar owner.

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    I support John Allen and the Reds. Larkin has made millions this year and wasn't worth $500K. These are the Reds and not the Yankees and can't afford the kind of sentimentality many on this board want. Larkin's time has passed. Thanks for the memories.

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    PR Nightmare

    Having worked in PR for a few years, I can honestly say this is the biggest train wreck of a non-event I've ever seen.

    Barry Larkin, the lone former MVP on the team (if it is a team) gets the humiliation of having a press conference called by his team--the one he played his whole career for--to say he was greedy and not worth a half mil to finish out his career in Cincinnati. Wow.

    Barry Larkin is one of the most underrated players to ever put on spikes, and his salary over the last three years was payback for him taking low salaries in the other years. Those are givens. And maybe he thinks he's worth more than 500-1 MIL per year. That's OK, but to call a news conference to say that he refused the contract is a bit over the line--heck, it's more than a bit over the line!

    The great stars who spend a long time with a team should be treated with dignity when it's over. I look back at how the Reds have handled these situations and just shake my head. Why in the name of all that's decent did John fricking Allen have to have a news conference? What good did it do? If you're going to do this, do it after the season and save face. It's like the Reds just love to shove it in the fans faces. You like and appreciate Barry? Well, here's the real scoop. He's greedy. Give me a break.

    I agree with the decision to offer Barry a half mil with performances clauses. I agree that Barry had every right to decline this offer (though I think he's foolish) and I agree that the Reds did the right thing regarding their future. But to make a spectacle out of it? That's just foolish.

    Some day in the not to distant future a new front office team will run the Reds and they will have two strikes against them when they start. This, the oldest franchise in baseball, has been plagued by a majority owner and Marge Schott's business manager who do not know how to treat people. I thought the firing of Jim Bowden would begin a new era for our team. I was wrong. Classless just is the beginning. I sure hope the "young arms" they've accumulated and the banjo hitters they covet win. If not, we're looking at ten years of second division baseball. Why? Griffey is next. Mark my words. Then, we can root for the likes of Ryan Freel and Juan Castro because only the desparate want to play for us.

    I had better stop. It's just too disgusting
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    Originally posted by SteelSD
    Is it time for Barry to go? Sure. But there's no good and evil spin to it. It's just business.
    Maybe not in this one isolated case. But the Lindner/Allen axis of evil still reigns!
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    Good stuff Remdog. Love the "Larry" analogy

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    See ya, Barry. You have been my favorite Red since Eric Davis left. But the contract offered was more than fair. I'm sure some team will pony up and give him what he wants,but I can't blame the Reds FO one bit for not offering him more. It's been fun.
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    Originally posted by Team Clark
    Typical, classless John Allen.
    I can't stand JA, but I disagree, TCII.

    The Reds had to make a preemptive strike.

    Look at the crap Barry's agent is spewing about a "respectable offer". If he had been given a chance to say those things without the fans knowing what the Reds offered, the masses would have been livid with the Reds.

    Allen didnít slam Barry. Barryís agent is slamming the Reds. Someone is classless. This time (and maybe only this time) it isnít John Allen.
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    It's a swing and a miss

    Club's last offer not sufficient for captain

    By John Fay
    The Cincinnati Enquirer


    18 Larkin photos
    In the end, it was about the injuries. When the Reds were deciding what to do about 18-year shortstop Barry Larkin, his medical history played a key role in formulating an offer.

    "One of our problems this year has been the number of players on the disabled list," Reds chief operating officer John Allen said Monday. "Barry has been on the DL three times himself."

    That's why the Reds were willing to offer Larkin a base salary of only $500,000. He would have been able to earn $500,000 more in incentives for plate appearances and games played.

    Larkin rejected the Reds' offer first Saturday, then again Monday after a face-to-face meeting with Allen. Larkin also spoke to chief executive officer Carl Lindner on Monday. The offer wasn't going to change.

    "I was told that in business, if you don't produce, you get taken off the shelf," Larkin said, refusing to specify who said that. "They said some pretty matter-of-fact things today that I won't repeat. I'm just very disappointed."

    Larkin said he thinks he can be a productive player and plans to play next year. He saw a hand specialist Monday. And though he expects to be 100 percent healthy for next season, he was advised not to play anymore this season.

    Larkin acknowledged that $500,000 is a lot of money (the major-league minimum is $300,000). But, he said, it was presented as a take-it-or-leave-it offer. He would not say what he thought a fair offer would have been.

    "The reason that the amount of money that they offered me was unacceptable is because of the principle," Larkin said. "I was surely not looking to break the bank. But there are other players out there that have been loyal to franchises and that have done some things in their careers that I think (were) respected by the franchises. This contract shows me the door, basically."

    Larkin said he wanted to finish his career in Cincinnati.

    "I think one of the things that bothers me most is the fact that a guy who's not from Cincinnati appears to be empowered to make this decision," he said. "I talked to Carl a couple of days ago to see where his head was, and he told me to call John."

    Allen said the Reds had internal discussions about Larkin's future before the All-Star break when Jim Bowden was still general manager.

    Larkin made it clear that he wanted to play one more season. Then he hoped to work in the front office.

    Click to view Acrobat PDF file (496k) showing statistics and milestones from Barry's career with the Reds.
    | ZOOM |
    "I think John wants to run things," Larkin said. "I don't truly believe that he felt there was a (power) struggle between him and me, because I'm only a baseball player. But I did have aspirations of ... playing one more year in Cincinnati, then going up in the front office and helping the organization - because we definitely need help."

    The choice to offer Larkin a contract set at a maximum of $1 million was clearly a baseball decision.

    Allen usually deferred such decisions to the general manager, but the Reds have been without one since Bowden was fired July 28.

    Allen said he did not consider waiting until a GM was hired, and added Larkin eventually could return to the team in some capacity.

    The Reds finish their regular season Sunday at Great American Ball Park. They offered to hold an appreciation day for Larkin, but he declined.

    "If I were retiring, I would absolutely enjoy it," he said of a Barry Larkin Day. "I'm not retiring. I think the fans in Cincinnati deserve it. And I would love to give it to them, and one day I will - if they want to give it to me."

    Since Larkin signed a three-year, $27 million contract extension in July 2000, he has been on the disabled list four times and has dealt with other nagging injuries. He averaged only 86 games a year in that span.

    In those three years, Larkin has a total of nine home runs, 82 RBI and 18 stolen bases. In his MVP year of 1995, he hit 17 home runs, drove in 66 runs and stole 51 bases.

    Larkin's departure means the Reds will have a new everyday shortstop for the first time since he took over for Dave Concepcion in 1987. Concepcion had held the spot from 1972 until Larkin replaced him.

    His permanent replacement will be one of the most important calls the new general manager makes.
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