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Thread: Third Annual Redszone Postees Awards

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    Maple SERP savafan's Avatar
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    Cincinnati, Ohio

    Third Annual Redszone Postees Awards

    Isn't it about that time for nominations?
    My dad got to enjoy 3 Reds World Championships by the time he was my age. So far, I've only gotten to enjoy one. Step it up Redlegs!

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    Cincinnati, Ohio
    The Categories from last year (any ideas for new categories this year?):

    Most missed poster

    Miss the daily Richard Hand expose on typing with both eyes closed? Wish Fox could still regale us with constant rumors from his unnamed baseball sources? Fiind yourself melancholy over the absense of a myriad of former posters? Who's missed most?

    Best tag line

    The tag line is that little thing at the bottom of some posts. No, not that little thing at the bottom; the other little thing. Who inspires best? Makes you laugh? Makes you scratch your head trying to decipher those in jokes that are sure to make sense if only you start licking toads.

    Best Moniker

    Like the understatement of princeton, that Ivy League professor of Reds-related knowledge? Or, Hey Kids! How about Krusty? Does one of the Teamsters make you think about things even before you read their posts? If so, show them you care!

    Most Valuable Poster

    Whose information do you read first, agree the most with, or disagree but read first anyway? Who finds things you'd never, ever get to read without their help? Who makes you think most?

    Most Clever

    Best use of poetry, tone, statistics, one-liners to get the point across. Who made a point this year that just made you stop whatever else you were doing and go "uh-huh".

    Best Armchair GM

    Who would you rather run the Reds than Jim Bowden? Who is the next Theo Epstein?

    Best Trademeister

    Who comes up with the best deals? Whether it be plausible or not, which of the ADD posters here entertains you with their constant tinkering with the Cincinnati roster?

    Best Discussion

    Which discussion throughout the year made you think the most? Made you turn to the most? Got the most response? Made you bang your head on the keyboard and curse the heavens because it came up so slow?

    Worst Typist

    Whether it be grammatical, misspellings, or unclear wording, who makes you scratch your head and wonder what they're taking?


    Who makes you shoot milk through your nose everytime they post? Who makes you giggle even before you open their posts?

    Best Use of Statistics

    Which sabre-head helps you understand the game best?

    Most Long-winded

    Who can't ever shut up, even though you already get the point and wish they'd just stop, they just keep going and going and going, even though they've already gotten across everything they wanted to say they also go off onto other tangents like that time I was sittin in my car and suddenly I thought of a great trade involving Danny Jackson and a gorilla except this gorilla is like the gorilla in Congo and have you ever seen that movie it's really not bad... Nevermind.

    Most Positive

    Begging the pardon of Rosy Red here, who's the rosiest of us all? Whose glass is consantly half full?

    Most Negative

    Who is the eeyore?

    Best Use of an Emoticon

    Who deserves and for coming up with all the best of these little guys out of all us posters.


    Who is the person most likely to give you the Junor Jersey off their back? Who makes you grin like a little kid?

    Best Moderator

    Who do you depend on the most? Which one of those guys seems to fix everything?

    Best Chatter

    Only those that have attended the chat room may vote in this highly contested award. (Haynes underwear will be given to the winner. But not Haynes' underwear.)

    Most Off-Topic

    I like potatoes!

    And, I submit for new awards this year:

    Best Newcomer

    Who has joined Redszone in the last year and made a lasting impact?

    Best Outsider

    Favorite fan of a team other than the Reds

    Want some other awards? Just write them in. Remember to vote early, often, and Democratic!
    My dad got to enjoy 3 Reds World Championships by the time he was my age. So far, I've only gotten to enjoy one. Step it up Redlegs!

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    Most Missed- Obviously should be RBA.....I've missed creek lately also(where you at creek?)

    Best newcomer in last year- Ramp101....most fans from other teams can be pretty obnoxious(sp?) at times but ramp has always been pretty objective

    Best trademeister- without a doubt the Ole Kruster

    Best outsider- Once again ramp

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    You know his story Redsland's Avatar
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    Norfolk, VA
    Comeback Player of the Year - Red Storm
    Makes all the routine posts.

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    Most cleverly funny - BCubb
    "Whatever you choose, however many roads you travel, I hope that you choose not to be a lady. I hope you will find some way to break the rules and make a little trouble out there. And I also hope that you will choose to make some of that trouble on behalf of women." - Nora Ephron

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    Oct 2001
    The ones I always read no matter what? Biitner Pill, Red Storm

    The ones I try to catch whenever they post? ramp101, Krusty, savafan, TeamClark

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    Feb 2002
    Most Positive - Is anyone actually positive anymore?

    Most Negative - REDREAD, you are still the man!

    Most Missed - RBA definitely - Thanks for serving our country!

    Best Moderator - Chip is always good at refereeing, and is a good guy in general

    Best Use of Stats - Easily RFS62, has the best grasp of the balance between stats and perception. And as a corollary to this award, I would just like to thank RFS62 for being an outstanding person and mentor outside of Redszone.

    Most Clever - Redsland always says something to make me laugh or marvel about how something so simple can be so intelligent.

    Nicest - Long list - VR instantly comes to mind, as do MWM, Randy in Char NC, Chip

    Best Armchair GM - M2 always has good ideas, and views the GM job (and the marketing/PR of the team) in the proper perspective

    Best Outsider - MattyMo is consistently fair and classy, even though I despise his team

    Best Discussion - "My favorite Star Wars character is Lou Skywalker."

    Funniest - Johnny Footstool easily - I'm still not over Dante Bichette being pregnant

    Best Moniker - I've always been a fan of Princeton

    Most Underrated Poster - MWM brings intelligence to every discussion in a classy, thoughtful manner

    Best Trademeister - Biitner Pill comes up with some interesting ones

    Best Knowledge of Music - Okay, so I designed this award for LF

    And finally... the LGJ equivalent of the Palme D'Or

    Best Poster - Red Storm - The most intelligent, thoughtful, considerate person I have come across on here, who is having a very difficult year but still perservering.
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    Oops... and to add one, most long-winded goes to Edskin and his "must-win" threads.

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    Any nominations like these just come off the top of your head, and run the risk of completely missing some of the best and brightest, just because you haven't consciously seen their post/name today. Such an incomplete list...

    Most Positive - TeamBoone... always a ray of sunshine, except when she's not. Otherwise, Falls City Beer - the sacrifice of his first born caused an epiphany. MikeS21, though I'm trying to convert him.

    Most Negative - REDREAD - Even a broken clock is right everyday for 4 straight years

    Most Missed - Spitball. Ahhhh, worthy nemesis, who had insight/perspective into the game shared only by the likes of guys like RFS62. Larkin Fan, as well in terms of baseball contribution. Guacarock knows his stuff as well, though rarely shares his gnostic treasures.

    Prospect With the Highest Ceiling: LGJ. Knows more than all us other morons combined; knows how to convey it; and does it in her indifferent, spare time. Plenty of room to grow into a Hall of Famer... and brings plenty of spark to the table as well.

    Most Controversial: gm... When he gets an idea in his head (often good, and ahead of their time) he's not letting it go. Red-in-LA... the master at his exceptional crafts.

    Best Moderator - Chip and CougarQuest reign supreme, like a nacho supreme.

    Best Use of Stats - WOY - He lays the stats out, and then leaves his fingerprints off them, so as refrain from manipulating the uvarnished truth to support his case. Also, Raisor.

    Most Clever - Redsland's wit is unmatched in it's power and brevity. He really lightens the mood of any thread with his presence. Probably the only guy whose every post just makes you feel better. BCubb's post's are exceptionally insightful as well.

    Nicest - Long list - VR, MWM, RandyNC, Redsbaron, LF, Boss, LGJ, creek, BobB, TC, RH17, Raisor, macro, WVRedsfan - a BUNCH of people on this special site.

    Best Armchair GM - That's a tough call, as we rarely have posts which articulate a poster's view of an entire organizational philosophy anymore... maybe Bill, redheeler, chili, or princeton.

    Best Outsider - MattyMo, even though I profoundly dislike the "real" MattyMo... and, obviously, Ramp!

    Best Discussion - M2 is the font from whence all great discussions flow. Not sure about best individual discussion. Sava, Raven and Guernsey for starting numerous discussions.

    Most Passionate: Santo Alcala, Creek, Edskin (until he finally, inevitably confronts reality)

    Funniest - Johnny Footstool combines the timely jab of humor, with a powerful lefthook of game knowledge. KYRedsfan for his spontaneous observations, as well.

    Best Game Thread Contributors: KYRedsfan is the anchor, PuffyPig is the guy who keeps everyone else in check, Red in DC, VBReds, Puffy, LVJ, TonyC, SteelSD, WVRedsfan and the rest of our motley cast (who escape me in the offseason), who all know more than the entire coaching staff, roster and F.O. combined.

    Best Moniker - ReveringforBlue... I don't know why, I just like it. And he's one of the" good guys."

    Most Underrated Poster - Buckeyenut, MWM are two guys whose post often make the pivotal point in a thread almost before you recognize who posted them. Reds4life, Buckeyeredleg, GoReds, KC61, Bill, macro and others fall into this category as well.

    Best Sense of Historical Perspective: RedsBaron

    Best Trademeister - Biitner Pill and Krusty are the obvious tandem.

    Best Poster - M2/RFS62 sharing the award. M2 has the most articulate and accurate grasp of the Reds' big picture of anyone I've ever discussed the game with on this site, and his posts are replete with eye-opening analogies, anecdotes, and wry witticisms. RFS62 is the symbol of all that is right about baseball fandom in my book. Purist, but open to innovation and evolution within the game, and just an extremely thoughtful and grounded individual.

    More Is Less: Backbencher says more of substance with an infrequent post than most of us who post frequently manage to convey in a season worth of posts.
    Last edited by Stormy; 12-02-2003 at 03:04 AM.

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    I think I need to clear something up

    I know exactly what I'm doing with all my "passion laced" "must win" type of threads:

    I KNOW the Reds will stink each year, but as fan, you try to push that out your head. So, I hope for the best.

    I always think if we can win X amount games over X amount of time then our record would be X and that would make me happy through Arpil. Then, come May, I do the same thing, hoping they can keep it interesting, another month. If they make it through May.......

    It goes on and on.

    And you know what? I'm usually right. IF we would have won more of those "must-win" games and IF we would have done better over my imaginary stretches, then we would NOT have made the trades and we WOULD have stayed in the race.

    Is it realistic? Absolutely not. You can make a great arguement that even if we survivee one particular stretch, that we'd eventually crash and burn anyway. I actually totally agree. But I just try to grasp onto something to make the fun last as long as it can.

    One of these days, when we actually have a decent team, I won't have to do that anymore. It will take care of itself.

    But seeing we have no "real" hope thesedays, I try and create it whenever I can. And yes, if a team like the Reds stumbles over a 25 game stretch in May, it could spell the end of their competitivness for the entire season.

    And yes, I DO believe that certain single games can affect an entire season. The Mother's Day Massacre two year's ago was a HUGE loss, IMO. Now, would it have REALLY mattered anyway? Probably not. But I do think that changed the forutnes of both teams more quickly than had it not happened.

    Basically, I do it simply to generate hope. I know over a 162 game season we are in big trouble. Therefore, I try to condense it and give little stretches more meaning, which in turns make it seem like we're competing for something.

    That's all it is. I'm not insasne. Usually.

    And BTW, if this doesn't clinch "most long-winded" for me, I don't what would

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    Don't have time to go thru them all right now, maybe tonight, but we also need a Best PbP in there as well

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    i defy any to prove they have a better sig line than me.
    "There was like a softness to it, a glow to it. I felt... I felt warm."

    -- Joseph Daniel Votto 7/10/2017

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    princeton, nj
    year after year, I seek out all posts by guernsey, M2, 15Fan, ChipR, WoY, gm, Crash Davis, CQ, backbencher and Guacarock-- and now LGJ-- thanks for the entertainment, debate, information

    special props to creek, chili, Storm, RFS62, and Footstool, who disagree with nearly everything that I post on, and on, and on about, yet continue to respond not just politely, but amicably. That's too difficult for me--"I could have me a million more friends, and all I'd have to lose is my point of view"

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    All dyslexics must untie!
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    "Most Controversial: gm... When he gets an idea in his head (often good, and ahead of their time) he's not letting it go."

    Thanks for noticing. I made an executive decision to "pick up the slack" back when Drew/Hand went bye-bye. Every chat page need a little "edge" IMO, and if you're gonna have a take you might as well sell it hard.

    Since my focus from 1998-2003 was to "show JimBo the door" everything's currently rosey for me as a Red's fan (which makes for boring chat, BTW) So now I'm driving the "bring back Pete" bandwagon (with "brooklyn" riding "shotgun") There's no use trying to squash my buzz...:evilgrin:
    Never overlook the obvious

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    Good nominations, everyone...keep them coming.

    At the request of sava, we'll stick this one up top for a bit...

    BTW, gm, nice sig. Rooting for or against the Beavers against USC this weekend?

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