I was thinking of making a couple posts to see how people would draft, if you had choice between X and Y, who would you choose and why. The first one: two 1st round OF's

First round pick:

Categories: R, HR, RBI, SB, K, AVG, OBP, SLG

Assume that you are sitting with the #7 spot in the first round and you had to make a choice between Barry Bonds and Carlos Beltran, who would you choose and why?

Bonds: 111R, 45HR, 90RBI, 7SB, 58K, .341AVG, .529OBP, .749SLG

Beltran: 102R, 26HR, 100RBI, 41SB, 81K, .307AVG, .389OBP, .522SLG

Bonds clearly dominates over everyone in the OBP and SLG categories, and is very helpful in AVG, HR and R, and doesn't K very much. His RBI are down, and so are the SB. The downside is that he is a year older and he missed some time last year with nagging injuries. Having your #1 pick miss a good deal of time during the season is never good.

Beltran does well in R, HR, RBI and AVG and also doesn't K too much for a typical power hitter. He is excellent in SB. His OBP and SLG are above average, but not dominant like Bonds. Beltran is young and in a contract year. KC has added Juan Gone ot the offense to help out. Couple that with the fact that Mike Sweeney and Angel Berroa could post good offensive numbers, and there is room for Beltran to improve his game.

So, if you had this pick who would you choose and why?