4 team H2H league. Here's what I walked away with:

C-Javy Lopez
1B-Todd Helton
2B-Marcus Giles
3B-Eric Chavez
SS-Alex Rodriguez
OF-Carlos Beltran
OF-Brian Giles
OF-Sammy Sosa
UT-Bobby Abreu
UT-Ichiro Suzuki
BN-Jason Giambi
BN-Miguel Cabrera

SP-Kerry Wood
SP-Randy Johnson
SP-Curt Schilling
RP-Eric Gagne
RP-Keith Foulke
RP-Mariano Rivera
P-Tim Hudson
P-Roy Oswalt
P-Wade Miller
BN-Josh Beckett
BN-Jose Contreras

I don't think I'll have to do anything but sit back and let them play out the season.