This was a rousing success the last 2 seasons, so lets give it another shot. Pardon me being a little early with it this season, however, I'll be out of state until opening day. I'll be down in Alabama at Lake Weiss catching some monster Crappie this week. Don't worry, I'll be back in time to catch the Opening Day festivites (and game) in Cincy on Monday.

Anyhow ...

Lets have everybody chime in here, and if I may be so bold ... I politely request that everyone hold off on the "If so an so is healthy" or if this/that stuff for this one thread.

We'll have 50 other threads were you can guess 162-0 or 110-52, so Ill ask very, very, very nicely to please give a simple range of Ws for a regular season record prediction. Not your hope, not a best/worst case scenarion, not your "optimistic", "pessimistic", or "realistic" slant, but the number you'd put out there if you had to bet your house on being right.

Max range of 5 Ws, and not give or take 5 (a 10 W range).

Gonelong predicts: between 72-77 Wins