Doesn't Olmedo have to make the team with Larkin probably sitting out at least one game a week? Plus, you have to consider that one bench player is going to start in the early going in Freel. But a weak bench is no surprise, but I'm not sure I understand Cruz not making the team. Can someone enlighten me there?

I also don't see Bong and Claussen long for AAA. I am glad Norton was selected in the end over Matthews, who just had an awful spring. Maybe he can get it back together in AAA. He is a known quantity and hopefully he just picked the wrong time to struggle. That also keeps Sanchez in the mix. I just wish they would flip flop Haynes and Sanchez for the rotation and bullpen. Or, put Sanchez in the rotation, release Haynes, and bring up Bong for the second lefty in the pen. I also expect and hope to see Riedling go, no love lost there, he just walks too many for my tastes.