It's kinda slow around here on an off day and we don't have really any goofy managerial moves to still be debating, and we're tired of "will Griffey play...ever?" So here's what annoys me most. Not steroids, too many homers, plastic grass, or Barry Bonds. As I listened, once again, to a parade of pitchers, and knowing that we likely have a more capable hitter playing in AAA (Cruz) that is not up here because we have to carry 12 arms for Miley to have at his disposal. That's seven relievers for any game. Now, in our case, one could argue that we are lucky to get six innings out of someone. Fine, let someone go for two innings. For example, yesterday, Riedling pitched a very good inning and got yanked because Dusty brought up a left handed pinch hitter. It takes an hour and a half to play the first 6-7 innings, and another hour and a half to play the last few innings. Then Joe Borowski gets a "save" because he had a cushy three run cushion in which to protect for one whole inning.

In other words, I am annoyed by the modern manager's bullpen management. Give me Clay Carroll or Pedro Borbon that came in and held the opponent for the last three innings to get their save. But then that's the irony here. Sparky was the primary innovator that gave rise to the modern "lefty specialist" and "closer."