Our MIF situation has become much worse than our starting pitching situation. We have a surplus of pretty good pitchers in the minors now, with the likes of Bong, Belisle, Moseley, Claussen, Nelson, and that's just the pitchers that are higher up in the farm system.

But our MIF situation is pitiful. We currently have a 40 year old starting for us at short, and the heir replacement(s) are Juan Castro clones waiting to happen, except with a more unconsistent glove(s).

Come June and the MLB Amateur Draft, some, no many, say we need to draft a SP. Well, I can agree with that. But I think we might be better off going with Stephen Drew, the top SS entering the draft.

He'll be a good fielder and a good hitter, and could end up being a Nomar Garciaparra clone. And, since he's a college player, he could be ready by halfway though next seaosn, if not sooner.

With our current shortstop situation, I'd highly suggest we go with Drew. Ofcourse, it's just my opinion.