Last night I recieved an email concerning a trade. The guy said he was interested in some players I have on the trading block. (Jose Guillen, J. Cruz Jr., and Hank Blalock). He said his only pitching untouchable was Beckett, and Soriano was available. I checked out his roster, and in need of a closer I told him I was interested in A. Benitez and Soriano. A few minutes later, he sent me a trade proposal.

Guillen and Cruz Jr, for Benitez and Soriano. I couldn't believe it. This sounded so good. I am loaded with outfield talent and I would have traded these two just for Soriano. Anyway, in my haste to complete the trade, I click process trade. A few seconds later, I realize I didn't click on accept trade first. I left it on decline. The guy has yet to reply to my emails. I feel so stupid. I hope this guy doesn't come to his senses and back away from the deal.