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princeton is right that Reitsma will eventually evolve into the elite closer that we actually needed, without recognizing it. However, it's also likely that this "rebuilding" team couldn't produce a viable rotation quickly enough to need that type of closer, nor could they still afford him (according to their M.O.) by the time he did emerge in that role. Like the trade or not (I can see where both sides are coming from) at least it's a trade which can be rationalized and understood, in concept.
yeah, I agree. The Reds want to build a staff for 2005-6, and don't expect to compete in 2004. Sound reasoning. I'm sure that they'd prefer to deal Jason LaRue or Sean Casey for starter candidates, but that wasn't an option. Aaron Boone was already gone yet more than Claussen was needed, so we've started to slice off guys that we project as setup men (Willie, Reitsma) thinking that we'll make more. While I personally think that dumping your best arms to improve your arms is paradoxical, it's what is available to us

Yet, I'm reminded of how we dropped Jeff Shaw thinking that we wouldn't be needing such a good closer in the near future, or could replace him, then had consistency problems at the end of ballgames during the next year's playoff run. Shaw begat Konerko who begat the important Cameron, but there were probably other ways of getting Cameron. Shaw was missed the following year, and wasn't so expensive either. Like Reitsma.