I've noticed lately that RedsZone has become a lot more abrasive in the posts many users have made to one another. This may be due to the fact our team and certain players are slumping, but it doesn't mean we can take this frustration out on each other. I've let a lot of this slide lately and I shouldn't have. Boss and I created RedsZone to get away, far far away, from this type of attitude and I'm not going to let us become infected by the virus that was Cincinnati.com's message board. We can disagree, we can argue, we can post "mad" smilies, we can vent here with each other and voice our displeasure...but we cannot tear into each other maliciously. Message boards often allow people to say things anonymously they would never say in person. Please don't let that become you. Treat everyone here as if they were a member of your family and not an "internet stranger" and I think we'll see a much more fun and productive RedsZone.