This just shows how the economics of baseball has changed so radically. It use to be that being a "small market" club didn't really mean anything as far as winning or being competitive.

But that is before money and greed became the deciding factor in every decision made. That was before free agency and the ascent of the power/influence of the player's union.

But I don't think the term "small market" should be used as an excuse or crutch. And that seems how this organization wants to use it. It is almost a "defeatist" attitude sometimes.

Being a designated a small market club may mean you can't go after the high-priced FA's; but it's no excuse for not being able to scout and develop your farm system.

And if we are going to use the small market excuse or approach, then why are we then signing players like a Jr (or whoever. Just using him as an example) if its going to greatly hinder your spending/investment in other areas?

When you think small, then you are small.