I really like Griffey, believe me. I just don't like the stare thing. There is no need for it. Mckeon is trying to WIN... not make Junior look bad. He walks Casey to try to WIN... not make Junior look bad. So why does Junior not understand this and have to give Jack "the look"?

I admit that I do not like some of Griffey's "mental things". Letting radio-types upset him, staring at opposing managers b/c they have "the nerve" to walk the man before him. I just want Junior to play the game (like his father played it, no staring at other managers!). I do not need the "stare at the opposing manager".

I am sure that this whole thing is getting blown up. But there would not be 'a thing" if Junior had just run the bases and not stared at Jack.

Oh... and I know a lot about the game. Do not be shocked if a ball or two sails near Junior's body tonight. Do not be surprised. You stare at the opposing manager and that might happen. And I am sure some here will blame Jack McKeon for that... not Junior.