[QUOTE=EKURed][QUOTE=RedFanAlways1966]Okay... I am a huge Junior fan (please keep that in mind before reading on!).

Here's my take on the "stare thing"... it is not necessary. The point was made as soon as the ball went over the RF fence. The stare is not necessary. The only thing that would have been better is if Junior had not stared IMO. It makes me think of the old phrase "act like you've been there before". If I am the Marlins... the 1st time Junior bats tonight, I throw the 1st pitch near his head. Then I throw the 2nd pitch even closer to his head. You want to stare (glare?) at our manager, then get in the box and look out.

He didn't suggest headhunting??? Read his post that I quoted....maybe I can't read...hmmmmm....sure seems like he insinuated some head hunting....
I'm sure you read just fine. We're simply comprehending differently.