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Agree that it's a mountain out of a mole hill.

But I love it. I absofreakinglutely love it.

The great players & the great teams always seem to have a little bit of moxie. Chutzpah, even.

Junior & the Reds showed some last night.
Preach on brother 15fan. I agree 100%. I won't even call it a glare, I'll call it a glance, because that is what it was. This poor guy just can't win in this city. No matter what he does, the media blow hards portray it as bad or wrong. I just about puked this morning as I listened to Skinner on 1360(Gamble is on vacation). Griffey glanced in the dugout, big fricking deal. What's to say someone in the dugout wasn't yelling something at him and he looked over to see who? I know, not likely, but the point is that we don't know all the facts, and so what if it was just a message glance, McKeon gave Casey a message IBB, Griffey I think is entitled to a message glance, after he did what he did. Move on, get over it. I love what this team is doing right now, and only hope that we can continue. I like to see some confidence from the guys, all of them having fun out there. Some of the interviews that Grif has given lately seem to look like he is having fun again, I'm calling the 2004 season the "Return of the Kid".

I just hope the Marlins don't try and retaliate tonight, because as close as this team is, there will be 24+ people (including coaches) following the Kid on his trip to the mound, and it will get ugly.

This whole give Griffey hell thing is just tired. Let the man play ball and do what he does best and loves to do. Leave the guy alone and let him play.

Go Reds!!