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Read all you can this summer cause once first semester starts you will have NO time for any additional reading!!

Seriously, its not that bad - and some advice for ya. You'll hear alot of people try and sell you the virtues of case summaries. Worthless! The only thing they are good for is if you get called on in class - otherwise they really do nothing. Of course thats just my opinion, but I don't know of anyone who was doing them beyond second semester of my 1L year.
Thanks for the tip! I will avoid those. So far it seems like everything operates under the adage, "A Law Student and his money are soon parted." My next big expense will be books. I already have my first assignments, but I wasn't able to purchase books today because the bookstore hasn't unpacked them yet.

So far this summer, I've been trying to get in as much non-law reading as possible. The only "law" book I've read this summer is "One L", which I gather is a kind of ritual that those who have gone through Law School like to pass on to those entering. I enjoyed it a lot, even if it did make me wonder what I was getting myself into a few times.