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Now the Reitsma deal looks bad because we're competing
exactly. Thanks for admitting it

I'm happy to agree that this trade may work out to be the best thing to have done. If this juggernaut derails, either by injury or by rotation ineffectiveness, then it was the right move. Also, if either Bong or Nelson shore up the ineffective rotation, it could work out. I certainly took note of Nelson's great game last week

but if the juggernaut remains on track, only to be slowed by the overwrought bullpen while Reitsma remains effective, then it wasn't the correct move.

If we miss the playoffs by three games, for instance-- it's probably easy to extrapolate three W's to Reitsma

Time will tell. Me, I don't think that we'll remain competitive because of the starters. Still, I'd have waited a while to see what time would show. You could have dealt Reitsma in July, albeit for less return. But less return is OK because I never want to waste a competitive season. That, you never get back